My intentions of using this source as a means of communicating and brainstorming ideas seems to fall short of my expectations. On the one hand, this is only blog post number two through this venue of choice, and yet, I openly admit I find nothing in which to write. I plan on writing a short article this evening, but it is one that will most certainly lack creativity, as it is for a content mill of sorts.

I would love to write a novel about a mistress of King Henry VIII or perhaps about a vampire who believes in the existence of God. Both are inspiring ideas, and for sure are some ideas in which I would enjoy reading if I came across them, but I don’t know if I have the talent or the drive in which to seek such a high accomplishment.  Also, I need to continue scholarly pursuits on the Victorian period as well as Developmental Writing outlets.

I need inspiration.  I greatly hope to work with an old friend of mine on some substantial work of fiction, yet I haven’t heard a response from him, so this idea must await his decision.  It definitely would be piece of macabre writing.  Where is Edgar when one needs him? “Back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning, (line 31)”